Our Chosen Charity's 2018


We have always liked to support Charity events and have always given our time and donated to worthwhile causes especially locally. While we continue to do this we have chosen to concentrate on two very important organisations for 2018. This year our Charity's are The RNLI and BIBIC.



Volunteer lifeboat crews provide a 24-hour rescue service in the UK and Ireland, and seasonal lifeguards look after people on busy beaches. Flood Rescue Team helps those affected by flooding.

RNLI crews and lifeguards have saved over 142,200 lives since 1824 but they are more than a rescue service. They influence, supervise and educate people too. They have Community Safety teams that explain the risks and share safety knowledge with anyone going out to sea or to the coast. And international teams work with like-minded organisations to help tackle drowning in communities at risk all around the world.

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Since 1972, bibic’s life changing therapy strategies have successfully helped more than 14,000 children and young people overcome challenges with their difficulties and conditions, enabling them to communicate their needs.

As a result of bibic’s help many parents say they are more aware, confident and able to make informed choices about issues affecting their child’s life.

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Supporting Milborne Port

Our Village is so important to us!

The rural Village of Milborne Port with its population of nearly 3000 is a fantastic place to live! We love it here and for that reason we like to support local groups and organisation when we can. 

We offer support to Milbore Port Primary School on a regular basis which always proves to be one of our most enjoyable roles. Going into classrooms and teaching the children about healthy eating, fish & Seafood can be so enlightening!

We also sponsor Milborne Port Cricket Club and love to see the team doing well and having fun.

If you are a group based in Milborne Port, get in touch! We love to help if we can.

Martyn teaching Year 3 at Milborne Port Primary.

Martyn teaching Year 3 at Milborne Port Primary.